The Cyrillic is the official Bulgarian alphabet

Bulgaria is the only country in the European Union using the Cyrillic alphabet. Back in 9th century, the Bulgarian brothers Cyril and Methodius created the script and it is still used today by Bulgarians, Russians, Ukrainian and other Slavic nations.  Some letters from it look like the Latin ones, but they are pronounced in a totally different way. But don’t worry, most of the signs in Bulgaria are written in both alphabets.

To make your travel easier, we’ve chosen few phrases you can use on daily basis and help you know better the locals and the country.

Good Morning – Добро утро (Dobro utro).
Good Afternoon – Добър ден (Dobur den).
Good Night – Лека нощ (Leka nosht).
Thank you. – Благодаря/ Мерси (Blagodarya/Mersi)
Excuse me – Извинете/ Съжалявам (Izvinete/Sujalyavam)
Yes – Да. (Da)
No – Не. (No)
Cheers! – Наздраве! (Nazdrave)
Какво е това? (Kakvo e tova?)
Who are you? – Кой сте? (Koi ste?)
Where is? – Къде е ? (Kude e ?)
What the time is it? – Колко е часа? (Kolko e chasa?)
How much is it? – Колко струва? (Kolko struva?)
Don’t understand – Не разбирам. (Ne razbiram)
Please, repeat. – Моля, повторете. (Molya, povtorete.)
It is nice to meet you – Приятно ми е. (Priyatno mi e.)
My name is … – Казвам се … (Kazvam se …)
What is your name? – Как се казвате? (Kak se kazvate?)