Thank you very much for organising our tour of Bulgaria

From: David Rosling
Date: 15.10.2019

Dear Viktoria,

Thank you very much for organising our tour of Bulgaria. We had a fantastic time as there were lots of interesting and varied places to visit, the hotels were all good and the weather was great as well.

I would also like to inform you that our guide Marina was excellent. She is very well informed about all of the sites that we visited and was adaptable to meet our needs on a daily basis. We really enjoyed her company and would recommend her to anyone visiting in the future.

Kind regards,

David Rosling


Thank you very much again

From: LG Jana
Country: Germany
Date: 24.06.2019


Today I got the feedback from our group leader. The group was very satisfied. Everything worked great.

The food, the hotels were very good and a really good knowledgeable tour guide where everything worked well.

Since I wanted to thank you for the good cooperation and wish you all the best.

Many Thanks!

LG Jana


Thank you very much again

From: Sunny
Country: China
Date: 17.06.2019

Dear Vicky,

Good morning from Prague.

Thanks a lot.

Our Chinese partner highly praised our services in all countries (Romania & Bulgaria & Czech). I am also very grateful for your cooperation, all was professional and efficient. Thank you very much again.

Have a nice day and best regards



Thank you so much for the superbly organised trip

From: Sue and Martin Holland
Country: England
Date: 07.06.2018

Good evening, Nikolay,

We just wanted to say thank you so much for the superbly organised trip. Katya’s Knowledge was immense and we felt very safe with Grigor at the wheel. He was also very courteous.
As you know we are now in Varna and as Katya recommended that we try to visit Nessebar I just wanted to ask if Boiana operate day trips from here to there?
When we return to England I will write a review etc. On Trip Advisor.

Kind regards,
Sue and Martin Holland


The group appreciated a lot the trip

From: Travel Design Studio | Viaggi a misura di gruppo
Country: Italy
Date: 25.10.2017

Dear Vicky,

The group appreciated a lot the trip: beautiful hotels, good guide and above all very good food!

So we are very satisfied.

Thank you for your collaboration and I’ll get in touch with you for next trip for sure!

Best regards,
Travel Design Studio | Viaggi a misura di gruppo

Le groupe est revenu très satisfait du voyage en Bulgarie!!

Country: France
Date: 17.10.2017

Bonjour Irina,

Le groupe est revenu très satisfait du voyage en Bulgarie!!
Notre animateur a trouvé que le voyage s’est parfaitement déroulé, que la guide était très bien.

Je vous remercie pour votre qualité de travail, je ne manquerai pas de vous contacter à nouveau si nous avons un nouveau projet de voyage en Bulgarie.

Je vous souhaite une bonne journée

Voyages Culturels

All the off the beaten track germs and vantage points

From: Stefano
Country: Italy
Date: 09.10.2017

Dear Viky/Nikolai,

Clients Gualdi are very happy for all.
Hotels are all ok. Guide super, and driver too.
The guide said to clients that there is another interesting itinerary to see and they would like to come back again in spring.


All the off the beaten track germs and vantage points

From: Mr. Leung Chi Hang Bertrand and Ms. Yeung Monique Wai Chung
Country: Hong Kong
Date: 29.09.2017

Dear Nikolay,

Marina is an amazing tour guide. In fact, she is way beyond just a tour guide. For once in my life, I don’t have to organize anything at all. She is resourceful, detail-minded, sensitive towards all needs and took us to all the off the beaten track germs and vantage points.

Mr. Leung Chi Hang Bertrand
Ms. Yeung Monique Wai Chung

We thoroughly enjoyed the tour

From: MAK Limited
Country: Japan
Date: 29.03.2017

Dear Nikolay,

The ballet tour was very successful thanks to your good arrangement.

Yesterday they safely came home and 7 out of 10 of them rang me and told me how good was the tour.
They all said that the local towns in Bulgaria were very attractive and meals were tasty, and the best of bests was Nelly san.

She was intellectual, kind, and gentle. Everybody praised her highly.

Best wishes,

We thoroughly enjoyed the tour

From: Nancy and Glen Gscheidle
Country: Australia
Date: 22.11.2016

Dear Sir/ Madam

We have just returned from Europe where we undertook your Authentic Bulgaria tour from 8th October to 15th October. We wanted you to know that we thoroughly enjoyed the tour and found Bulgaria to be a lovely and fascinating country.

However, probably the reason we got so much out of it was the fact we had Karina as our tour guide.  Karina is extremely knowledgeable and interesting and clearly is passionate about her job as a guide of Bulgaria.  She has a warm, friendly personality, a good sense of humour and was happy to advise us.  She was clearly able to work out what we would enjoy most and ensured we had a good mix of experiences along the way.  We cannot thank her enough for giving the best possible introduction to your lovely country.

Likewise, we were very impressed with our driver Gregory who was also very helpful.  While we could not speak Bulgarian we got on well with him and enjoyed his sense of humour.

Karina and Gregory are a credit to your company and we have thoroughly recommended them and your company to friends who have shown interest in our trip.

Yours truly
Nancy and Glen Gscheidle

Thank you for your effort

From: Merin Dogan
Country: Turkey
Date: 24.10.2016

Dear Nikolay

Our 2016 group tour was very succesfull.

Thank you for your effort. According to my tour leader’s report our local guide was very good. So we would like to work with her again.

Please find my request for 2017 as attached.

Best Regards /  Saygılarımla.

Merin Dogan
Outgoing-Incoming Opperations

'All these was possible because of you''

From: Bhaskar
Country: India
Date: 12.08.2016

Dear Nikolay,

Thanks a lot for your feedback. We are yet to speak to group. They are from Kolkutta (east India).

All these was possible because of you & your efficient team. It was nice to hear best feedback & as promised we will do all possible to promote your beautiful country & neighboring regions.

Please convey my best regards to your Boss.

Thanks & regards

Sr. Vice President – Outbound

12 Aug 2016
Delhi, India


'The wonderful trekking tour''

From: Teresa Santos
Country: Portugal
Date: 05.08.2016

Dear Nikolay,

We all really liked the wonderful trekking tour you prepare for us.
Dimitar is a very good guide, thank you for choosing him for us.
Our driver is very good to.

Thank you very much for your help.

Best regards,
Teresa Santos
Lisboa, Portugal


''Romania and Bulgaria by car''

From: E Robinson
Country: Australia
Date: 11.05.2016

Dear Manager,

Recently your firm, arranged for us to visit both Romania and Bulgaria by car after completing a river trip to the Black Sea.

Regarding the Bulgarian section we were very pleased with the arrangements made for accommodation and the guide supplied.

Karina Boikovska, our guide in Bulgaria, impressed us greatly.

Her overall knowledge, enthusiasm and interpersonal skills were outstanding. Indeed, she went out of her way to make our visit memorable by suggesting we attend the Easter Sunday service at the Orthodox Cathedral.  Her explanation of the service was greatly appreciated and  made this event even more special.

Furthermore she was able to accommodate my special interest in Roman history. We would be happy to recommend her  to guide any group either small or large.

Sebastian, our guide / driver in Romania proved most knowledgeable, personable and enthusiastic.  Indeed, he made our visit to Transylvania come alive as he described the history of the area as we drove along. He was anxious to ensure that our visit was all that it could be.

We would have no hesitation in recommending him as a guide for any group large or small.

Best wishes,
Lurleen and Erroll Robinson



From: Neil McLennan
Country: Australia
Date: 04.04.2016

Dear Yuliana,

Blagodarya for checking in, and letting Hotel Lion know about my ridiculous flights!

Everything since leaving the airport has been fantastic, I’m so glad I came, and booked through you. It’s been two solid days of history and beauty. More people should come to Bulgaria!

Best regards,



''Travel to Bulgaria''

From: Dianne and Terry Wheeler
Country : Australia
Date: 20.10.2015


Just writing to say that we did a tour in your country at the beginning of October which was managed and organized through your company.

We just wanted to tell you how good it was especially our wonderful guide, Karina. She did everything to make our tour interesting and fun. We enjoyed her guidance so much. Her English language was perfect and we felt at home in such a lovely country. She has much knowledge and we saw and enjoyed it so much. We should also say how Grigor our driver was so careful and an excellent driver. We will always remember our tour and would recommend it to anyone who wishes to travel to Bulgaria.

Thank you,
Dianne and Terry Wheeler


''Thank you for organizing our trip to Bulgaria''

From: Fred Proud
Country : United Kingdom
Date: 15.10.2015

Dear Yuliana,

I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for organizing our trip to Bulgaria so very well. I have been meaning to say this for some time – but better late than not at all! I dont know how you managed to make sure the weather was exceptional for the whole trip. That was very clever of you! We liked Giorgi enormously. Not only was his English perfect but he was so eager to help, always positive and so very well informed and because of that always worth listening to. I couldn’t think how you could have found somebody better qualified to do the job. Terezinha is now back in Brazil but I can tell you we enjoyed especially the carpet factory, the mastadon museum, Leshten, Sandanski & Plovdiv…. Pretty well everything. And Terezinha specially was grateful for the restaurant he recommended to us on Blvrd Vitosha in town.

Very best wishes,
Fred Proud


''Trip in Romania and Bulgaria''

From: Ichiro Tsukimoto, MD
Country : Japan
Date: 12.08.2015

Thank you very much for arrangement our trip in Romania and Bulgaria.

Also introduce us excellent guide Maria and gave us wonderful wine. We love your country due to Maria and good driver.

I have many friends who like travelling around the world, but nobody visit Bulgaria and Romania.
I’d like to introduce this wonderful trip to my friends. Mr Watanabe, director of Gloria Tourist will arrange pivate tour at that time.

Thank you again for your kind help to us.

Sincerely yours,
Ichiro Tsukimoto, MD
Tokyo Japan


''Greeting from Japan''

From: Majed
Country : Japan
Date: 12.06.2013

Dear Nikolay and Yuliana

Greeting from Japan.

I would like to thank you and your staff for making my tour a wonderful one and hope to do another tour with my family soon.

Please pass my thanks to your driver and guide specially for the cheese picnic …

Can you ask your driver on the name of the location that I bought the honey .. I forgot the name of the place.

Best regards,


''It was a incredible holliday''

From : Octavian Covali
Country : Romania
Date: 5.11.2010

Hello Gergana!

Last winter you help me to make a reservation for 1 week at Perun Lodge Hotel, at a very good price. It was a incredible holliday.

That’s why I’m writing to you again for a new offer at Perun Lodge Hotel.

Best regards,
Octavian Covali

''Thank you''

From : Delta Armenia
Country : Armenia

Gergana Susana u nas (turistak v Marine ) ocen blagodarit Vas i ocen dovolna ot gida Tinka. Ona poprosila cto ya Vas peredal. bolsoe spasibo



From : Antonella Zanini
Country : Italy
Date: 10.08.2010

Dear Niki ….WHOW! you ll say, after so long! yeah it s never too late….for a great feedback. We had a wonderful time, first of all, enjoyed in full the whole journey, beyond our expectations for history, monasteries, frescoes and archeology. The tracian tomb we expressly asked to visit was sensational and i ll take more time in the future to go back. Meanwhile, the technical profile is set and extremely positive. The itinerary is good exactly as done crossing border to Edirne ( unexpectedly interesting too) and ending with Thessaloniki and Vergina, a minor Greece overwhelmed by Athens and the Islands as main tourist destinations, but really really interesting and strictly connected with Bulgaria. I already started telling my clients about this experience, and will surely get back to you for bookings, hopefully next season too. SAY CIAO! and tks even if late to the guide for the patience so much appreciated by Mr Franco Marchetti…and me too! Keep in touch! Antonella


''Thnx once again''

From : Nueva Vista Armenia
Country : Armenia
Date: 14.08.2010

Dear Gergana

I am also happy that my clients will be met by Tinka Jitarova because always my clients are very pleased with her work and service.

Thnx once again.

Best regards


''Большое вам спасибо''

From : Artur Karapetyan
Country : Armenia
Date: 31.07.2010

Уважаемая Гергана,
наши клиенти были очень даволним за ваш обслуживание, за что большое вам спасибо.

С уважением Артур Карапетян


''Wonderful impression about Bulgaria''

From: Svetlana Saksonova
Country: Latvia
Tour: Tour Authentic Bulgaria
Date: 13.06.2010

Dear Nikolay!

I want to thank you for the well organised tour!
We were very happy with our trip.
Thank you for Mr. Marin, our guide. He was very professional, punctual and helpful.
Working with your company left a wonderful impression about Bulgaria and its people.
At the first opportunity I will recommend your company to other tourists.

Sincerely yours,


''Thank you very much''

From: Marco Bombara
Country: Italy
Date: 04.06.2010

Dear Maria,

We would like to thank you very much for the perfect job done in our fam trip, we are very happy; the welcome we recived was great, you personal (Nikolai, Nikola and Vlado and the driver) is really professional and good! Our travel agencies like resorts, hotels and in general all really much, they from yestarday are doing an incredible promotion to their guest and to other travel agents making them really curious about Bulgaria and this is exactly what we need! So thank you again, best regards Stefano, Marco and Laschi Viaggi Staff


''Thank you''

From: Franc PISANEC
Country: Slovenia
Date: 15.05.2010

Hi, dear Nikolai.

First of all I would like to send you apologize, because I didn’t sent you any comment after our last tour. I would like to thank you for nice service and for the wine at the last dinner in Sofija and for the gift to all of our guests. All this time from May until this hot July, we were so bussy with a lot of tours all around the world. One passengers from our May’s tour like to send to our guide something by post, so we ask you for the adress of Mr.Alexader Strelkov, if possible. Thank you in advance and have a good time. Franc


''We spend 7 beautiful days in Bansko''

From: Serbia
Hotel: Pirin
Location: Bansko
Date: 18.01.2010

I have pleasure to inform you that we spend 7 beautiful days in Bansko, thanks to You. All was like you promise. We are very pleasured with your part of job, with your kindness and quick reaction and you will have our warm recommendation. I also must express my pleasure with Bulgarian embassy witch give us Bulgarian visas for only two days. And, last but not least, hotel and staff in there was beyond our expectation! Although Strazhite was our favorite (we was there 2002, but then all was different), Pirin is the right choise for our need.

In brief, this was a nice holiday and I hope that we will have opportunity to use your services in future.

Best regards

Mitich family
P.S. I almost forgot Vladimir who was always on the right time on the right place.


''It was a pleasure''

From: Martina
Country: Italy
Date: 28.12.2009

Dear Nikolai, it was a pleasure for me to know each other!!!!!! All the group and I we were so happy about the hotel, Sofia and the transfer’s services as well!!!!! I hope we will increase our cooperation and I thank you for your kindness and politeness! Have a great day!!!!!!!

Best regards, Martina


''There was great''

From : Katarzyna Wilczyńska
Country: Poland
Date: 04.09.2008

Hello! This year, 4th September, we were on the “Jeep Safari” (Sunny Beach), which prepared Your company. There was great, we had the best driver – Ognian and the guide – Grigor in Bulgaria!! We sent you picture with our guide. Please, give it to him. We hope that our adventure with Bulgaria doesn’t last. Katarzyna Wilczyńska


''Thank you for the service''

From : Ksenia
Hotel : Melia Grand Hotel Hermitage
Location : Golden Sands
Date: 16.09.2007

Hi Gergana Hope all is well. I just wanted to thank you for the service. Tinka was very helpful and friendy so we really enjoyed her company The hotel absolutely met our expectations ans weve had a nice time there. Thank you once again for the help and send my sincere regards to Tinka. Ksenia

''Thank you''

From : Olga Gencheva
Country : Moscow, Russia
Date: 07.01.2006

Dear Maria, Assen, Elena and all the employees of the excellent company BOIANA-MG

I whish all of you happy New Year!
May it brings you a lot of happiness to you, your relatives and friends.
Thank you for your good cooperation, correctness and of course for your friendly attitude.

Sincerely yours,
Olga Gencheva
Moscow, Russia


''Very impressed by their trip''

From: Ann
Country: Brussels – Belgium
Date: 19.09.2005

“I got a message of clients Possoz (3 persons) arrival 19/09. They were very impressed by their trip, by the local guide and the excellent services. Would you mind thanking Mr. Nikolai for his help with this file.”


''Nice food with good taste''

From: Makoto San
Country: Japan
Date: 02.06.2005

Dear Nikolai,

Thank you for the confirmation.
I met the group at Osaka Airport today in the morning.
They praised: 1) the best Japanese guide Lubo san. 2) Nice food with good taste 3) healthy days with fresh salad and yogurt 4) Festival of Roses 5) Nice weather. I got to know the group last year and organized tour to St. Petersburg, visiting famous restaurants and theatres there. As the second tour was very successful thanks to you they asked me to organize another tour to Europe next year.
Your professional skill leads the success.
Thanks thousands.


''Ils ont beaucoup apprecie le voyage''

From : Candido Fernandez Voyages EUROPE VACANCES/ITM
Country : Belgium
Date: 04.06.2004

Cher Monsieur & Mme ASSEN,

Chere Maria,
Un petit mot pour vous dire que le groupe « CRAL » est bien rentre le 10JUN04 et qu’ils etaient TRES CONTENTS de leur circuit.
En resume : ils ont beaucoup apprecie le voyage et en particulier :
– les tres bons services de la guide Maria qui a largement contribue a la reussite du voyage et qui a ete PARFAITE.
– le chauffeur du car qui etait tres aimable et d’une grande gentillesse.
– la qualite des hotels et en particulier le « HOLIDAY INN » .
– la qualite des restaurants ainsi que la qualite du vin servi a table.
– Le grand interet des sites visites.
– La qualtie de l’autocar.
– Une seule « petite critique » serait le diner du premier soir a l’hotel RODINA dont la qualite etait inferieure aux autres restaurants ( viande froide ).
– En resume, le voyage a ete une TRES BELLE REUSSITE puisque les participants sont rentres « ENCHANTES » de leur experience en Bulgarie. Et c’est ainsi que je souhaitais vous remercier sincerement pour l’excellente qualite de votre organisation : ce voyage a ete une TRES BELLE REUSSITE et une tres bon tremplin publicitaire pour votre pays.
– Esperant sincerement que nous aurons encore l’occasion de travailler ensemble ( Je vous tiendrai au courant sur l’evolution du groupe du mois d’OCTOBRE 2004 ), je vous prie Monsieur & Madame ASSEN , d’accepter mes meilleures salutations.
Et encore toutes mes FELICITATIONS pour le magnifique travail.


''Our visit to Bulgaria''

From : C.J.Bergman
Country : The Netherlands
Date: 18.05.2004

“Last week my wife and I returned from our visit to Bulgaria, which was organized by your travel agency. We want to inform you that we are very content with the tour we made through your beautiful country. We got an impression not only from the highlights of Bulgaria, nature and monuments, but also something from the way the people of your country has to live and work. My wife and I have to apologize for the limited size we could honour the excellent cooks of the various restaurants, but the capacity of our stomachs did prevent us to do so in a more proper extent. When people of our acquaintances might be interested in visiting Bulgaria, we will recommend your travel agency.”

Best regards,
The Netherlands.


''Thank you''

From : Marco Guglielminetti
Country : Italy
Date: 04.08.2004

I am writing you to express our satisfaction for the service provided by Boiana.

Together with my friends we apprecciated the kindness and professionality of the people that followed us during our vacation.

And I also want to thank you for your support in helping me organizing the trip.


''I wanted to recommend Bulgaria''

From : Tom P. Gilfoy
Country : California,USA

… We enjoyed the experience so much that I wanted to recommend Bulgaria to you as possible trip extension… … The Bulgarian agency responsible for our good time in Bulgaria was Boiana-MG… …We found theam all to be people of honesty and integrity well informed about their country and most important delightfull to be with… … If a trip extension to Bulgaria makes any sense to you may I commend Boiana-MG to you as a local agency that could be considerable help…

Very truly yours Tom P. Gilfoy


''We'll never forget you''

From : Tom

Five years later… We’ve continued our travels with Jim and Carol Brady since we last saw you. Although we’ve gone to such places as China, England, Ireland and Canada we’ll never forget you and the wonderful time you showed us while we were in your beautiful country.


''Pleasant holidays in your country''

From : Andrei Lepeshko
Country : Moscow

Dear friends

I’m writing to you to say thank you for those lovely then days that you presented to me in Bulgaria. I have never seen and expected this kind of respect to myself from the tour operator and I’ve seen many of them in many different countries. I think that I’ll have many pleasant holidays in your country and m expecting you to be my guides among its beauty.

Sincerely yours Andrei Lepeshko


''Un tout grand merci''

From : Nicolas Arnaud Stephanie Hedwige Florance

Un tout grand merci davoir passe cette gabuleuse semaine avec nous Merci pour commentaires qui nous on donne gout a votre beau pays. Nicolas Arnaud Stephanie Hedwige Florance.


''Thank you very much''

From : Lord Alan Bowes
Country : England

Hello I would like to thank you very much for looking after me so well before and during my stay in Bulgaria.

Thank you once again,
Yours Lord Alan Bowes


''Thank for your efforts''

From : Ursula Hansl
Country : Austria

Dear colleagues,

Thank for your efforts. I got 2 phone calls from the participants that everything was organized perfectly and your escort driver and accompanying person of your office were very friendly like a big family.

Regards Ursula Hansl.


''Clients were very happy''

From : Ann
Country : Belgium
Date: 12.01.2003

Dear colleagues,
First of all my best wishes for 2003. Hoping to sell a lot of trips to Bulgaria I have just send the signed contract by fax. Hope you have received it. Now for the 11 pax who came to Bulgaria end of December beginning of January congratulations. Clients were very happy with all services provided by Boiana and with the local guide. Everything was perfect.

Thanks and best regards Ann